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For everyone there are always basic concerns of belief and questions. Why would I put belief into this? What do they mean by spiritual healing? Is this a religious doctrine that may conflict with my own way of belief? Is this a kind of foofoo head in the clouds spiritual nonsense? Let me share this presentation for those realistic minds that need to see a strong scientific foundation based in fact that does not conflict with your core spiritual beliefs.

BioEnergy Therapy is Spiritual Healing with a very strong base in contemporary scientific understanding, which will be shown here. Science is the human observation and analysis of life. Life is Spirit embodied as a physical experience. So, science is the observation of Spirit, and the two are truly not in opposition. In the explanation of this practice of Spiritual Healing, when we speak of Spirituality or Spirit, we speak in broadest sense of core spiritual ideals for enabling a good life that transcends all religions equally. This healing method is for all people, regardless of their particular way of belief, because it does not promote any particular doctrine while offering sound spiritual ideals of living a good life.

bioenergy treatment

Forms of bioenergy treatment have been considered as complimentary and beneficial to medical and surgical intervention of disorder and pain for more than forty years. With key clinical studies proving the effectiveness of energy medicine this healing treatment began to be recognized by the World Health Organization [WHO] in 1976. The scientific frontier of health and wellness began to change as result of credible studies undertaken at numerous accredited institutions like UCLA, Harvard Medical, Tufts University School of Medicine, and New York Medical College etc.

For many years conventional medicine has recognised that disturbances to energy flow in the body is imbalance indicative of illness and uses various means to monitor the flow of energy within the body. Doctors examine the energy activity of the heart with Electrocardiograpy (ECG), energy activity of the brain with Electroencephalography (EEG), and energy activity of the muscles with Electromyography (EMG) to determin state of health. There is energy activity in all other organs and glands of the body as this broad vital life energy system interconnects Body and Mind and Spirit to maintain a vital life.

Medical colleges throughout the globe now teach energy medicine theory and practice because bioenergy treatment is recognized in clinical study as an efficient way to raise the function of the self-immune system. A best example came from a double blind study of 100 premature babies (who would not be influenced by placebo or the knowledge of treatment). Fifty babies were provided bioenergy treatment while the others were not. The bioenergy treated babies' progressed quicker to stable health and proper weight to leave the hospital 6-7 days sooner than the others. So bioenergy treatment alone is accredited as a powerful treatment to accelerate the body's natural self-healing services.



Energy Medicine is based in Quantum Physics

Space in Matter

Energy medicine is founded on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create measurable heat, generate electricity, give off measurable light in a darkened room, and even have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a material body in a physical space.

Quantum Physics is a scientific study of the energy structure of matter; according to the particle theory, all matter is made up of extremely tiny particles of atoms and molecules. All particles in a pure substance are identical (no two different pure substances have the same particles). "All particles have space between them." All particles are always moving - more energy (heat) produces more movement. All particles are attracted to one another. Consider that this entire dimension of matter is a quantum soup of particles as defined above with the only difference being the frequency of movement in the consistent space between particles. This accounts for a vast array of different types of material presentations in this dimension all having the common foundation of same energy.

bioenergy fields

Popular quantum theories in applied sciences, asserts that within physics, a field is an assignment of quantity within each point of space-time. A well-studied quantum phenomenon called spin-spin interaction suggests that subatomic particles called neutrinos do not carry mass but "only information" as they are transmitted across the space between particles. Ether is a term used to describe this space or the medium for the propagation of light and energy and information between particles. It has metaphysical origins, from ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle who described this information rich space between particles as a Fifth Element. More recently, psychologist Carl Yung proposed evidence of a common unseen intelligent connection between humans that he called Collective Unconscious which also refers to Ether; the intelligent energy space between particles that facilitates intercommunication of conscious thought energy between humans, even at a great distance. The concept of Ether enables theorists to use quantum mechanics to describe an information-energy field of interconnections, signals, events, and processes. We will call this Ether a field of life-energy-information or a bioenergy field.



Thought is a Quantum Matter Energy

bioenergy mind field

Information garnered from personal perceptions of life experience is the energy of thought that is carried across these spatial paths of information within the body's bioenergy field. This bioenergy field is the aura; this aura bioenergy field is your mind where all thought processes originate, before being communicated through energy flow to your brain, for translation into electro-mechanical impulses of orders for the body to implement action. This is the most potent power of conscious intention or the power of Soul Will that may be applied to material physics. It may also be projected through energy transfer across the bioenergy fields of collective unconscious from one human to another. This is exampled in the practitioners applied conscious intention of healing that is carried within the healing energy from healer to client. It is also evidenced in the outcome of applied conscious intention when projected externally from the bioenergy field out into the world to attract or manifest certain outcomes; the mechanics under the now renown contemporary explanation of "The Law of Attraction."

BioEnergy Field Transmission

Science observation of this would explain that brain waves are linear electrical impulses that radiate surrounding electromagnetic fields, having frequencies and pulse patters, carrying information as pulses and waves. By principles of electromagnetic induction, a reverse effect enables the brain to receive pattered signals from surrounding bioenergy fields, and perceive them as types of information. Through these mechanics, brain wave energies have two-way interaction with surrounding energy fields, participating in the exchange of energies and information as pulses and waves of compatible frequencies.

All ancient spiritual practices are explained by, and make sense in the context of bioenergy-information exchange in physics. This understanding of physics indicates a scientific observation of efficiency in energy used in religious prayer, ceremonial worship and ritual practices, baptism, amulets and talismans, perception of ethereal or spiritual entities, interconnections with energy properties of plant life related to herbal medicine, interactions with animal species, supernatural phenomena, and alternative states of consciousness. All of which amounts to our ancestors' discovery and proactive use of conscious intention from a mind field of bioenergy as projected belief/thought through all other bioenergy fields to empower personal will and affect the surrounding environment.



All Things are Bioenergy Fields

all is energy

A century of Quantum Physics study has opened the new perspective of scientific exploration into bioenergy-phenomena as the foundation under everything. Possibly, we can conclude that all things are actually bioenergy fields nested inside other bioenergy fields so life itself, and even the bioenergy field of your mind, may be a manifestation inside the greater bioenergy field of the "dimension of matter." All of this is recognizing the presence of a spiritual mechanics that may be facilitating both the dimension and the choreographed purposeful journey of life experience provided for each incarnate Soul. It leads us to consider that science and Spirit are not separated, but science is the material observation and definition of spiritual constructs at consistent work to activate and underpin this entire dimension.

energy medicine

Bioenergy-information physics, applied to brain wave science provides a technical basis for development of understanding bioenergy healing theory, based upon fundamental principles of conductivity, induction, electro-field physics, and electrical circuitry. In essence, bio-energy treatment is creating permutations in the vacuum zero point field, called Ether which in turn changes the characteristics of the subject's mass. It has been proven that conscious intent causes heightened electromagnetic fields. The healer's conscious intent to apply healing from the surrounding energies of the practitioner's hands, is creating an alteration in the bioenergy field and thus creating a new opportunity to influence positive healing change to the imbalance or illness condition of the subject. Therefore, bioenergy treatment can be objectively created to stimulate, facilitate, enhance, or otherwise participate in accelerating the healing process within the self-immune system via advanced applications of human consciousness.



How Bioenergy-Information affects Health

Immune Shield

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and it is known as the building blocks of the immune system. Collagen is what knits broken bones together. Clinical study has shown that the consistent higher flow of vital life energy through the body triggers the collagen into self-healing activity of rejuvenating cellular structure. This means that if bioenergy flow is clear and fast through the body cellular rejuvenation (self-healing) is a constant process that locks out disorder and slows aging of cells. If bioenergy flow through the body becomes blocked or impeded in any way the collagen does not get constantly triggered and areas of the body become unlocked, to "allow" disorder and visibly more rapid aging. Positive conscious thought escalates energy flow through the body to trigger this auto-immune self-healing while negative conscious thought, (stress), slows and blocks energy flow through the body.

energy infomration

As stated, what we may consider as physical material mass of the body is in fact subatomic particles of energy information that is more space than it is mass. Everything material is a representation of the information carried in its energy, and this includes living beings. Originally at birth, the cellular information of the body is that of Soul consciousness which was made into the fetus of physical form. The body is physical consciousness! It's actually like a computer hard drive that records and adapts its state of balance to represent every change of life perception that is consciously experienced. We experience the imbalance of life stress as physical body symptom. This is the reason that the imbalance of illness in any given body part has symbolic meaning that reflects the true life experience that was the original cause.



Processing the Bioenergy of Thought

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama

Over forty years ago Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, one of the top ten parapsychologist of the day, carried out research to prove or disprove the presence of a human energy system of centers called chakras that did or did not interact with thought processing. On proving this existence the name bioplasma was given to the aura or bioenergy field of mind. For this scientific experiment Motoyama built a lead-lined room for subjects to be isolated from other energies and monitored with electronic equipment.

chakra system

First studies proved that isolated humans emit measurable energy and in a blackout emit measurable light. More interesting was the recognition that humans vary in the amount to energy emitted. No living person emits less than 250hz (cycles per second) of energy. However, while the majority of people emit in the lower 250-400hz ranges, he found that some emit between 400-800hz and others between 800-900hz. The common denominator of those emitting higher energy was that they were using psychic powers on a regular basis and those over 800hz were also using telepathy or mediumship of spirit messages.

Another series of tests monitored human energy emission from each of the seven energy centers during thought. By intercom he asked subjects to think of specific thoughts and found that when thinking certain types of thought the energy output from a given energy center would raise and bloom to prove that thought indeed transits through the body at these energy centers and it is divided by the category of thought processed, (categories identified below).

Consider, also that bioenergy research by Dr. Hunt at UCLA defined that the human energy system operates from 250hz (cycles per second) at the root center to 2000hz at the crown center. This coupled with the Motoyama research shows that each of the seven energy centers of the body processes a category of thought and each category operates at a different frequency range from root to crown that creates the distinctive rainbow colours of the aura.
  1st  center processes survival, fight or flight thought that creates red aura colour.
  2nd  center processes sensual love or intimacy and security to create orange aura colour.
  3rd  center processes life analysis or decision making that creates yellow aura colour.
  4th  center processes life harmony or whole love of life to create green aura colour.
  5th  center processes willful intent of expression or actions that creates blue aura colour.
  6th  center processes inner wisdom or connection of Soul to create purple aura colour.
  7th  center processes universal wisdom or connection to Spirit creates white aura colour.
This division indicates how life experience is divided by category of thought and where thought or perception of the life around you is directed to flow through the body.

thoughtful trauma

As an example of how thought becomes illness, the first energy center may handle thought processing of survival instinct in a frequency range from 250hz to 400hz. This is a relative slow vibration range of thought, but it is the range of healthy or positive living experience in a nonthreatening environment while confronting and overcoming reasonable life challenges. So consider the extreme emotional perception impact of experiencing a shocking and fearsome negative event. While it does not need to be horrific like a mugging, rape, of house fire to inspire such negative fearful thoughts, these actually process slower, at less that 250hz. The thought package of energy from mind in aura enters the system and the content is transferred to brain to create physical responses but this energy simply does not have the velocity to transfer through the system and out, therefore it gets stuck.


We know from school-age science that energy can only decay, (a pendulum will slow and stop) without any other influence. While stuck this slow thought energy will clog and deplete the self-healing cellular rejuvenation cycle to unlock the area to allow cellular deterioration and disorder. This slowest energy of conscious thought will eventually decay over time to become the slower vibration of matter where matter should not be. We will call this unwanted intrusion in the body a cyst, calcium deposit, or benign/malignant tumor etc. dependant on the depth of emotional content in the original negative thought that has decayed. This is the reason behind all illness; its body balance/imbalance representing the positive/negative state of perceptions within the recorded stress history of the life we have experienced.


What is the state of the energy information that represents your human body and how did it arrive at this state of health or illness? If you are young and carefree the state of your body is likely healthy and vital. If you have been through stressful circumstances the energy flow of your thought through your body may have slowed as it traverses the blocked stressful energy in certain body areas. When vital flow is reduced or becomes blocked the absence of trigger for self-healing will allow decay and eventually show symbolic physical symptom of disorder in those specifically affected areas. To release such latent challenges that will later imbalance health, all experiences must be processed to a sufficient resolution to stir the energy to a higher level that will process through and out of the system.



EPIGENETICS: The Biology of Belief

Dr Bruce Lipton

Since 1973 Dr. Bruce Lipton has researched cellular biology to find new solutions to human disorders. His early research on muscular dystrophy, studies employing cloned human stem cells, focused upon the molecular mechanisms controlling cell behaviour led him into the new frontier of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits, or the external and environmental factors, that turn our genes on/off, and in turn, define how our cells actually read and respond to those genes. This indicates the true intellectually interactive potential of the human mind, and the cells in our body.

When examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell's information processing systems, Dr. Lipton produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane. This revealed that the membrane outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip; the cell's equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford University's School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behaviour and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the prior established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today's most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind of thought and body of substance. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his discoveries and concepts.

Dr Bruce Lipton

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr Lipton showcases stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain's functioning, indicating that all the cells of your body are affected, for good or ill, by your thoughts.

Considering cells as "miniature humans" makes it easier to understand their physiology and behaviour. You may see yourself as a bustling community of more than 50 trillion individual cells. Each cell is an intelligent being that can survive on its own, as scientists demonstrate when they remove individual cells from the body and grow them in a culture. These smart cells are imbued with intent and purpose; there is an observable inherent "intelligence" mechanism by which cells evolve. Like humans, single cells analyze thousands of stimuli from the microenvironment they inhabit. Through the analysis of this data, each cell having purpose and reasoning ability will adapt to changing circumstances. In a simple example of environmental influence, a stem cell taken from a common cluster and grown in particularly controlled environment will create bone, while similar cells from the same common cluster may be cultured in different environments to instead create muscle or soft tissue.

Biology Of Belief

It has taken the high-tech labs of modern researchers to uncover the subtle chemical modifications to DNA and DNA-associated proteins that enable organisms to adapt to their environment and pass on those adaptations to their offspring without changing the structure of DNA molecules. This is undermining our culture's belief in genetic determinism, which, is one of the major themes of The Biology of Belief; the genes we inherit from our mothers and our fathers are not our fate! Evolution-producing gene mutations arise from an organism's "need" to adapt to life-threatening environmental stresses, so developmental changes are not random and to a large degree are environmentally predictable.

If the 50 trillion cells of your body community are created and rejuvenated within an environment freely flowing with your everyday conscious thought of threatening stresses, how well is the theme of your environment influencing the health of your body community? The biology of your own belief is determining your quality of health and life!



What do You Really Think?


The preceding descriptions from science of how thought transits and affects our body indicate that "all illness" is born from the stresses we unwittingly indulge in our thoughts. Our cells simply adapt to the thoughts of stressful environment we endure which unlocks our health to display those imbalanced results in symptoms. As much as medical science can observe and measure these results does not mean that the prognosis must always follow the expected path. This adaptation is ongoing and can just as easily be turned to balanced results of disorder remission and excellent health but it depends on finding the stressors behind a symptom and resolving how we think about those stressors in a different and healthy manner.

Other factors in chronic condition include how we think and our authentic belief. Do our thoughts tend to be critical or negatively dominated? Do we believe in disorder more than we believe in our right and ability to defeat it?

fighting n failing

There are those who will have only scanned this brief summary representing volumes of medical research from respected sources and declare it nonsense. We can be a stubborn species; so stubbornly holding onto beliefs that we refute anything that seems to contradict our opinions and we are willing fight to the death for them. There are those that so believe in their illness and are so proud of all that they have learned about it, that they are more emotionally invested in the owning the illness than creating their own health and survival. There is a medical diagnosis of this conditon called "The Unconscious Enjoyment of Pain."
Would you rather be right, or be healthy?

Flawed belief and stress of misled thought is at the heart of illness. Just as illness can grow a factual, observable, and measurable, foothold in our life, changing the right beliefs and choosing to think differently can reverse the process to conquer and force any illness to retreat the way it came. All that is required for you to achieve health is willingness to self-examine with self-honesty, and the openness to change your views.



Bioenergy Therapy and Treatment

More than a simple energy treatment is required to truly overcome illness. The imbalances of illness have meaning and purpose in our lives. We must get to the bottom of reason for any given illness and resolve the reason if we are to achieve permanent release from illness. This statement is backed up by millions of examples of conventional and other treatments where ongoing pharmaceuticals, dietary restrictions, or regular treatments must be maintained just to keep symptoms from returning. When remedy is just pushing symptom off, it is not a cure.

Electro Magnetic Strands-KarmicDNA

The BioEnergy Therapist does not rely on a simple bioenergy treatment intervention alone, to trigger efficient healing. The use of Medical BioSymBiology to find deep understanding for what the body is purposefully communicating in its symptomatic language, and KarmicDNA wisdom to define Life Purpose and the purposeful types of stress each individual is destined to wrestle with, are the additional tools to guide successful healing. These tools empower discovery of the original meaningful cause of disorder and enable the resolve of those issues in memory that are triggering symptoms. The BioEnergy Treatment is only enabled at session end to be a most powerful and long term solution, when the purpose of disorder has been found and resolved. No disorder communication can remain when its purpose has been taken away.

900PM before after treatment

The BioEnergy Treatment itself is a potent cleanse and revitalization of the bioenergy system that clears, balances, and stimulates maximum energy flow as a feel-good rejuvination and retriggering of the auto-immune system into high healing mode. The therapist does not use his/her own energy in giving treatment but rather uses conscious intention towards resolving your symptom inside the redirection of spiritual bioenergy flow, which contains the update information your body needs to heal itself. The therapist directs the energy through the body to clear blocked flow, increase the consistant healthy throughput of vital life energy that triggers the collagen of the immune system to rejuvenate cell structure and supplies energy information with the intention to resolve your issues. This treatment is made most potent when the client has actually come to understand the resolve of past issues to a positive and comfortable belief.

In other words, the therapist supplies the body with the information, contained in the bioenergy, which is necessary to recover proper functioning of the self-healing system, and the body begins to heal. When the issues have been resolved and energy blockages are removed from the body natural flow is returned, cellular structure begins to adapt to new balanced information and it is usually only a matter of time before health is restored. However, if the origin or purpose has not been found and resolved the treatment will be like the regular taking of medicine to stave off symptom that is destined to recur without further intervention. You must pursue and resolve the original imbalance stress issue or it is just a matter of time until illness returns and another healing treatment is required.



BioEnergy Therapy advances Energy Medicine!

Dr Valerie Hunt

The experience perception of life imbalance is embedded in the bio-information-space between particles of atoms and molecules that comprise the physical body of cells. The presence of this imbalance information allows cellular decay to erupt as purposeful symptom in a symbolic place as a way to communicate to you what you need to change in life in order to regain healthy balance. BioEnergy Therapy has the intellectual tools of Medical BioSymBiology to understand where to look for the stress that causes disorder and KamricDNA Life Purpose to know which stresses you endure most and what the most positive answers are for those purposeful experiences in life.

DC Shift

The way this imbalance of life experience is recorded as bio-energy information is also significant. This develops from recognition that throughout life everything we perceive is recorded to cellular structure at the time of experience. Dr Valerie Hunt's many years of bioenergy research at UCLA discovered a bioenergy phenomenon that she named, DC Shift. The implication of DC Shift is that when we are under a shock or trauma circumstance there is an all-over-body sensory feeling of difference. This is the feeling sense of a DC Shift occurrence indicating that our energy system that has jumped up one entire octave during the fearful experience. She believes that this accounts for examples of super human ability to heroically lift a car for instance. The presence of the DC Shift condition also means that during that event all memories are being recorded in a higher frequency than normal, and later, those memories are like protected hard-drive that cannot be rewritten by review and reframing the experience while in therapy when you are operating in the normal frequency octave. BioEnergy Therapy works to resolve a different perception of those dark trauma circumstances and while you are thinking about the new resolve developed in therapy session, the bioenergy treatment is applied in a way that can bring a mild DC Shift that allows those memories to finally be modified in cellular structure and become a benign recollection that will not cause further symptom.

BioEnergy Wisdom to Optimize Life

With hidden wisdom now available we question, what is the information required to enable purposeful self-healing. If body imbalance of illness is a reflection of perceived imbalance of life experiences, the answer is in the purpose of those experiences and how you handled them. Until now energy treatments have assumed that universal knowledge of a "perfection map" of balanced body health for each organ and gland and cell would simply be triggered by energy treatment to bring this area back towards its natural healthy balanced state. It does! ...but only for a short time... until something in life reminds you of a previous experience, and retriggers experience of symptom to come forward again. If no one has ventured to resolve the original stress that has caused body imbalance, the imbalance still exists but its dormant! This is why illness recurs. And the application of new information that BioEnergy Therapy brings into session work with KarmicDNA is why this has become such a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and long term, most often permanent resolve of chronic conditions.

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